Plot Search And Khatian Record 2023-24 The portal stands as a crucial digital platform, spearheading land and land-related services in the state of West Bengal, India. Designed to facilitate easy access and transparent management of land records, the portal serves as a comprehensive repository for property-related information. Whether it’s land acquisition, mutation, or simply verifying land details, this online resource plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes and ensuring efficient governance. The portal not only enhances accessibility for citizens but also contributes to the modernization and digitization of land administration, aligning with the broader digital India initiative.

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What is portal?

The portal is a government initiative in the state of West Bengal, India, aimed at providing digital access to land and property-related information. This online platform serves as a centralized repository for various land records, including details about land ownership, mutations, land valuation, and more. By offering citizens a convenient and transparent means of accessing these records, the portal facilitates processes such as land acquisition, property verification, and related administrative tasks. Through, the government aims to enhance efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and promote greater transparency in land administration across the state. Plot Search And plot Information

The portal provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for accessing plot information and conducting plot searches in the state of West Bengal, India. Users can leverage the platform to retrieve details about specific plots, including ownership records, land classification, and related information. The plot search functionality allows individuals to efficiently verify land details, assess property boundaries, and obtain crucial data for real estate transactions. This online resource not only streamlines the process of acquiring plot-related information but also contributes to the overall transparency and digitization of land records, aligning with the government’s commitment to modernizing administrative processes for the benefit of citizens. Khatian No Search

The portal offers a convenient Khatian No search feature, allowing users to access essential land-related information in West Bengal, India. By entering the Khatian number, individuals can retrieve details related to land ownership, land type, and other relevant records associated with a specific Khatian. This search functionality is instrumental for property verification, facilitating a quick and transparent means for citizens to access crucial information about land holdings. The Khatian No search on aligns with the broader goal of digitizing land records, providing an efficient and user-friendly platform for citizens to navigate and obtain essential data related to their land.

Services Provided on portal

  1. Plot Information and Plot Search: Access detailed information about specific plots, including ownership records, land classification, and property boundaries.
  2. Khatian No Search: Utilize the Khatian number search feature to retrieve essential land-related details, facilitating property verification and access to specific records.
  3. Mutation Application: Initiate the process of updating land records by submitting mutation applications online, streamlining administrative procedures.
  4. Online Land Record Request: Request and obtain certified copies of land records through the online platform for various purposes, ensuring quick and efficient access to necessary documents.
  5. GRN Search: Check Government Reference Number (GRN) status for transactions and applications made on the portal, providing transparency in the processing of requests.
  6. Fee Payment: Facilitate online payment of fees associated with various land-related services, ensuring a convenient and secure transaction process.
  7. Land Classification Information: Retrieve information about the classification of land, aiding in understanding its designated use and legal status.
  8. Land Conversion Application: Initiate the process of converting the land’s designated use by submitting online applications for land conversion, streamlining regulatory compliance.
  9. Mouza Information: Access details about specific Mouzas, including land area, population, and geographical characteristics, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the region.
  10. Citizen Services: Avail a range of citizen-centric services such as grievance redressal, feedback submission, and information updates, fostering engagement and communication between citizens and authorities.
  11. Online Application for Certified Copy of Deed: Apply online for certified copies of property deeds, ensuring a straightforward process for obtaining essential legal documents.
  12. Application for Correction in Record: Initiate correction requests for discrepancies in land records, promoting accuracy and reliability in the available information.
  13. Record of Rights (RoR) Information: Access Record of Rights details online, providing a comprehensive overview of property rights, tenancy, and other crucial information.
  14. Departmental Users Login: Provide a dedicated login for departmental users, enabling authorized personnel to access and manage land records efficiently.
  15. Data Entry and Updation: Facilitate data entry and updating processes to ensure that the land records database remains current and reflective of the latest information.
  16. Integration with Government Initiatives: Align with broader government initiatives such as Digital India by leveraging technology to enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in land administration.
  17. SMS Alerts: Receive real-time updates and alerts through SMS notifications for various stages of application processing, enhancing communication between the system and users.
  18. Public Data Entry: Allow authorized individuals to contribute to data entry, promoting community participation in maintaining accurate land records.
  19. Online Grievance Redressal: Lodge and track grievances related to land records, ensuring a responsive mechanism for addressing concerns and issues raised by citizens.
  20. Training and Helpdesk Services: Provide training resources and a helpdesk for users to navigate the portal effectively, fostering a user-friendly experience and ensuring assistance when needed.

How can I search for information about a specific plot on

You can use the “Plot Information and Plot Search” feature on the portal. Enter the relevant details, such as the plot number, to access ownership records, land classification, and other pertinent information.

What is a Khatian number, and how do I perform a Khatian No search on the website?

A Khatian number is a unique identifier for a land record. To perform a Khatian No search, navigate to the respective section on the portal, enter the Khatian number, and retrieve essential land-related details.

How do I initiate the process of land mutation on

To initiate land mutation, submit an online application through the portal. The “Mutation Application” feature allows you to update land records, facilitating a streamlined and efficient administrative process.

Can I apply for a certified copy of a property deed online, and what is the procedure?

Yes, you can apply for a certified copy of a property deed online. Utilize the “Online Application for Certified Copy of Deed” feature, provide the necessary details, and follow the designated steps for obtaining the required legal document.

What is the GRN search, and how can I check the status of my transactions on

GRN stands for Government Reference Number. You can check the status of your transactions by using the “GRN Search” feature on the portal. Enter the GRN associated with your transaction to obtain real-time updates on its processing status.

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