Anupama 7 September 2023 Full Written Episode

Anupama 7 September 2023 full Written Episode: Hello serial lovers , as we all knows that everyone don’t have so much time to spend on watching serial, but they have queries in their mind about that serial so they prefer written episodes, because you can easily know the latest updates of any Serial without wasting your time in watching that serial, so in this article we are going to show you anupama 7 September 2023 full Written Episode.

Anupama 7 September 2023 full episode

Anupama 7 September 2023 full Written Episode

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Anupama previous episode 6 September 2023

Adhik should not enter the Shah home, according to Vanraj, who places Anuj and Anupama in yet another difficult situation.

Anupama gets upset when Anuj inquires about Pakhi’s willingness to visit the Shah house without Adhik.

The next morning, Leela steps into the kitchen and suggests to Dimple that, as Raksha Bandhan symbolizes bonds and togetherness, they consider taking down the partition just for the day of the festival.

While Leela encourages Dimple to have some humility before supporting that man, Dimple refuses to delete the line and complains that they have forbidden Adhik from entering the house.

Kinjal comes to aid Leela in preparing the meal.

In this scene, Anuj expresses affection towards Anupama while they are in the presence of Anu, who has a somber expression. Anu wants to tie a Rakhi to Romil and is concerned about his reaction. She hopes for a peaceful and joyous Raksha Bandhan, wishing that no conflicts arise.

Anuj and Anupama accompany Anu downstairs, where they witness Barkha tying a Rakhi to Adhik. Barkha declares her love for Adhik despite the criticisms he faces. Adhik, however, claims he has nothing to gift her due to his current joblessness. Pakhi surprises everyone by presenting a necklace to Barkha, initially gifted by Anuj and Anupama at her wedding. Barkha and Adhik initially refuse the gift but eventually accept it.

Anu approaches Romil to ask if she can tie a Rakhi to him. After some initial reluctance, Romil agrees, bringing happiness to Anu. Romil softens as he sees Anu’s smile and agrees to treat her to ice cream later, sharing an endearing hug that warms everyone’s hearts.

As Pakhi and Adhik prepare to leave for the Shahs’ house, Anupama reveals that only Pakhi was invited by the Shah family. Dimple suggests that Pakhi won’t come if Adhik isn’t present, leading to a waiting period for Anupama and Anuj. Pakhi insists on going alone but sets a condition that Adhik must handle a project at the office, which frustrates Anupama. She reveals her inner turmoil, mentioning how she would have shown Adhik her affection if not for Pakhi’s sake.

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